Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Really Work?

by Pure Green Coffee Extract on January 18, 2013

These days, everybody seems to be looking for that perfect weight loss formula that has real results. This explains why the market is laden with tons of products that focus on helping consumers get their ideal body. One of the products that is gaining regular acceptance in the marketplace is the specific blend of green coffee bean extract. Apparently what people had not known for years is that coffee is not just a drink, but has now been found to help the body burn unwanted fat to give you a trim, sexy body! Apart from this fact it has also been proven that green coffee extract can also enhance the body’s metabolism and boost your energy levels.

You might be asking: “So what is it about this green coffee extract weight loss formula that has brought about such a revolution?” First the coffee beans that are natural have very good antioxidant properties, but also contain chlorogenic acid, which is the ingredient that has been shown to assist the body to get rid of excess fat. You probably can infer that the acid is a derivative of green coffee beans. This element specifically promotes weight loss and is also considered an anti-aging compound. The latter is a process that has been realized through increased metabolism and a reduction in the accumulation of cellulite. Research has shown that this is made possible when the concoction inhibit the release of glucose.

The end result of all this is that the body re-adjusts an begins to naturally burn more fat than it normally does leading to the weight loss. The process kicks off naturally and you only need physical exercising or dieting to enhance the effect. With the green coffee extract weight loss formula you can be assured of a natural process that has no side effects at all. In fact scientific study has shown that a daily intake of coffee can promote natural body fat loss equivalent to 30 percent. Furthermore, you are likely to get benefits like an enhanced mental capacity, a decreased appetite, reduced cholesterol and blood pressure, and improved muscle definition.

The most obvious benefit of the green coffee extract weight loss formula is that it has no health side effects and is absorbed wholly by the body because it is in natural form. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any likely side effects that are common with some other artificial weight loss products. This product is conveniently packed into pills or capsules for easy intake. Furthermore, the product is found at your local store or can be purchased online from reputable stores some of which give a one month money back guarantee.

If you are thinking of losing that extra body fat you should try the green coffee extract weight loss formula that is affordable, and gives you the right dosage to start right away. Many people will try out a 3-month supply to give them an accurate assessment as to whether or not it’s working for them. Results will vary from person-to-person depending on their diet, exercise levels, and water intake. If you want the best results, it’s highly advised to discuss your health and wellness plan with a physician, and then if you’re healthy enough, to begin an exercise regimen to shed those unwanted pounds. When you mix in a supplement like green coffee bean extract, it’s like throwing gasoline on a burning fire!


Finally! A Supplement to Naturally Lower Cholesterol

by Pure Green Coffee Extract on June 3, 2012

Can Green Coffee Bean Extract Help to Lower Cholesterol?

Green coffee bean extract is not like the coffee that you drink at home or at your favorite coffee shop. The coffee you drink and home or at your local coffee shop are normally roasted coffee beans. So when you drink a cup of coffee it will not have the same results as taking supplements such as the green coffee bean extract. The extract comes directly from the green coffee bean that is not roasted. The fact that it is not roasted means that it keeps the beneficial chemicals inside.

Two of the main ingredients that are beneficial to your health are chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid. Each one of these acids has their own health benefit. Cholorgenic acid helps in speeding up metabolism. It does this by reducing the rate in which glucose is released in the liver. When the glucose slows down, your body’s fat cells are used for energy instead of for sugar. So in actuality, these fat cells burn up and the result is weight loss.

Why Cholesterol Matters

Green coffee bean extract also assists in reducing your cholesterol. There is a link between high cholesterol and obesity. Not everyone that is obese has high cholesterol and not everyone that has high cholesterol is obese but the majority of people who are obese do tend to deal with high cholesterol. But, by consuming green coffee bean extract, it greatly lowers your levels of LDL cholesterols. At the same time, it maintains the levels of HDL cholesterol in your body. In addition, lower cholesterol can also reduce your risk of experiencing heart disease.

Green Coffee Beans and Blood Pressure

Green coffee extract also significantly lowers high blood pressure. Again there seems to be a link between people that are overweight and high blood pressure. It is true that other factors can contribute to high blood pressure but obesity seems to increase the risk of having high blood pressure. The reason for the link between being overweight and having high blood pressure is poor diet habits. But the extract can assist you in losing those extra pounds which will also reduce your blood pressure. Also, as with high cholesterol, lower your blood pressure can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Your Immune System

This supplement also helps to improve the function of your immune system. Green coffee beans have antioxidants that assist in getting rid of bad toxins from your body. These toxins can be harmful to the cells in your body and that will decrease the function of your circulation, immune system and metabolism.

Boost Your Energy

You may experience an increase in energy when taking these extracts. When you are consuming the extract, you will notice your body is continually burning fat and at the same time, it is giving your cells energy, even when you are resting. So, many people using a pure green coffee bean extract will find a great increase in energy that will last all day. There is no afternoon fatigue or evening tiredness. You will find that other supplements may give you an afternoon crash. With Green Coffee Pure, you’ll experience steady energy with no crash or negative side effects – which is exactly why you should give it a try today!


Question: Does This Work to Burn Fat?

by Pure Green Coffee Extract on May 23, 2012

Many people seem curious these days about how green coffee bean extract works for weight loss. This amazing new way to lose weight is rapidly becoming popular throughout the world as more people become aware about the power of this little bean. The fact is that this little bean has the power to burn fat fast.

Green coffee bean extract is the process of extracting all the healthy benefits from the bean rather than using them for roasting coffee. People are often amazed with the amount of weight they lose. Not only do they find they have lost weight, but they also feel better and healthier and they also notice they have a lot more energy throughout the day.

Metabolism Booster

This bean extract can help with your metabolism, increase your energy as well as act as a supplement. Green coffee may actually assist your body in metabolizing food easier which in turn adds up to many extra calories that are burned throughout the course of your day. In addition, when using the bean extracts, you may actually find that you have more energy to get through the day easier. With this added energy, you may be able to exercise for longer periods of time. Green coffee contains ingredients which our body requires to be more efficient and effective.

Side Effects?

With so many people being curious about the bean extract, there are also many questions that pop up in their mind. One of the biggest concerns that people have with using bean extract to lose weight, is whether or not this is a safe way to lose weight. The best news is that there are no known side effects with using this coffee extract. While the green coffee bean extract may give you the extra energy that your body needs to burn off fat cells, you do need to make sure that you also eat healthy and exercise in conjunction with using the bean extract.

Using a Supplement Effectively

As mentioned previously, a healthy diet and exercise needs to be used in conjunction with the coffee extract to provide the best results. Any type of exercise that you do will be beneficial to your body as long as you are not doing damage to your body. You don’t want to do any kind of exercise that is strenuous to your body. Walking or jogging are great forms of exercise. Eating a healthy diet is also important when using the bean extract to lose weight. This does not mean you have to give up foods that taste good but you have to train yourself to eat foods that are healthy. Instead of reaching for the chips and carbonated drinks throughout the day, eat something healthy such as a glass of water with lime and some carrot or celery sticks.  And speaking of water, you should be sure to drink plenty of water every day.


Maximize Your Fat Loss By Adding a Supplement

by Pure Green Coffee Extract on May 16, 2012

Many people are searching for a cure to lose weight naturally and without harming their bodies. Green coffee wasn’t a huge hit with many when it first hit market shelves, but over time, there are more and more people that are beginning to see the weight loss benefits to this supplement. It has been bought by hundreds of people, and sales continue to increase, but what happened that now everyone is interested in its benefits? There are a few reasons why people are interested in purchasing this extract as a diet supplemennt.

One of the main reasons was because there have been studies done that have shown green coffee extract helps those looking to end their weight loss struggle. Dr. Joe Vinson had demonstrated with 16 people that suffered with weight issues and he gave them this supplement on a daily basis. While taking this supplement, they stuck to a diet that was 2400 calories and they still lost weight. One individual in particular lost 17 pounds in the 22 week trial with this green coffee bean extract.

Yet another reason why many are interested in this product and the benefits of weight loss is because Dr. Oz has talked about this product on his show and he has proven the benefits of weight loss to be there. He tried his own little test experiment and he gave two individuals this product and found that one volunteer lost 2 pounds in less than a week while the other lost 5 pounds total.

Suggested Daily Dosage

There have been other studies that show green coffee bean extract helps you lose weight at a safe pace and results can be seen within the first week alone. In order to see maximum results you are going to have to have a supplement that has a daily dosage of at least 1,000 mg. It is recommended to take a dosage twice daily, once with breakfast of 500 mg and another with lunch of 500 mg.

The un-roasted coffee beans consist of chlorogenic acid and this helps to trigger chemical reactions. In turn, this triggers your body’s liver to speed up your metabolism and this leads to weight loss over time. There have been studies done that show some people saw an increase in their metabolism by 50% and from there it increased about 3% each week. This, over time, led to a weekly weight loss in some people of at least 4 pounds.

There was an Italian study done that showed this product helped with blocking messages to the liver and this makes it hard for your body to store fat. The liver prevents the body from absorbing any fat and this was concluded after giving individuals twice the amount over a 6 week trial of the bean extract.
There are a number of other benefits to your health other than weight loss. Your entire body will benefit from taking this product and you will be feeling better overall after prolonged use of green coffee bean extract. This product has already begun changing the life of so many people and now you can enjoy the benefits as well.

What are you waiting for? Take the first step to losing those stubborn pounds by trying the #1 recommended Green Coffee PURE today!


Dr. Oz Talks About Green Coffee Beans and Weight Loss

by Pure Green Coffee Extract on May 7, 2012

Have you been looking for a weight loss supplement that doesn’t leave your heart racing or make you feel nervous? How about a weight loss supplement that actually works as it claims to? Then a green coffee bean extract supplement is the answer to your weight loss prayers then, and has studies to back its claims. Green coffee bean extract is even supported by Dr. Mehmet Oz, the famous cardiologist who advocates for a healthy diet and fights the good fight ont he war against obesity.

Although some of you may think green coffee bean extract is the latest diet fad, you are sorely mistaken. Scranton University in Pennsylvania recently conducted a study over a 22 week period involving 22 participants. During this time, the participants were not asked to change their eating habits or exercise regimen. At the conclusion of the study, all participants had lost a significant amount of weight and lowered their body fat considerably as well.

This, along with other studies conducted on green coffee bean extract, caught the attention of health advocate, Dr. Oz. Although not a proponet of supplements promising fast or easy weight loss without changing one’s diet or increasing exercise, he does say he is “truly amazed” by the research, and does promote the the green coffee bean extract supplement to deliver an added boost to a person’s weight loss plan.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work?

The magic behind the green coffee bean extract supplement is the chlorogenic acid it contains. It tells your liver to stop absorbing fat while accelerating your metabolism.

You may wonder why you must take the supplement? The green coffee beans are bitter. And while Dr. Oz does say that when it comes to weight loss the bitter the better, if you were to roast these beans, you would remove the chlorogenic acids. This is why you must purchase the supplement form to receive the weight loss benefits. Never fear, though, the cost of the supplements are within your reach. And once you see the results, you won’t think twice about what you have paid. In fact, the cost of green coffe bean extract supplements are less expensive than most other weight loss supplements on the market now–supplements that make empty promise not supported by scientific research. Another benefit is the fact that during these studies, no side effects were reported.

Choosing the Right Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement

You can find these supplements online almost anywhere, but here is where it becomes tricky. Dr. Oz insists you find a supplement that does not contain any binders or fillers. To achieve the full effect, you want the purest of the pure. The best, 100% pure green coffee bean extract will cost approximately $40 to $60 for a one month supply. Remember, you get what you pay for. You should also choose a company that offers a money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied. You want a 500 mg capsule–take two 30 minutes before meals, and repeat this two or three times per day, according to the episode aired by Dr. Oz.

Using a green coffee bean extract supplement either alone or in combination with a healthy diet and exercise plan can certainly provide you with the weight loss results you desire, research has proven this. The next step is up to you… To buy or not to buy, that is the question! What do you have to lose? All that stubborn fat! Get started today!

If you want a 100% PURE green coffee bean extract supplement that contains no fillers, no artificial ingredients, and has a 60-day money-back guarantee, we highly recommend trying Green Coffee PURE.

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What Benefits Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Have?

by Pure Green Coffee Extract on May 6, 2012

You love your coffee in the morning. In fact, you may even be addicted, believing you absolutely cannot make it through the day unless you have that cup, or cups, of java, to get through. You may even believe it is helping you lose some unwanted pounds. However, this is just water weight, not fat loss. You are also increasing your blood pressure. Not exactly what you wanted to hear, I know. What if there was a better way to accomplish these goals? What if I told you you could achieve your weight loss goals quickly and easily using pure green coffee bean extract? Dr. Oz believes in it…so should you.

Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss

Unlike the possible weight loss proponents of coffee, which have no studies to back it, researchers have conducted many studies on the weight loss abilities of pure green coffe bean extract. A 22 week study was performed to determine the efficacy and safety of the extract, and here are the results.

One man with a BMI of 28 received the highest dose of the supplement–1,050 mg–for 6 weeks. He then stopped taking it for 2 weeks. The next 6 weeks he took 700 mg of the supplements followed by another 2 weeks rest period. The next 6 weeks he was given a placebo. During this time the man did not change his eating habits or increase his exercise. At the end of the trial, he, like all of the other 21 participants, lost an average of 17 pounds and significantly lowered their body fat percentage. It is important to note that no side effects were were reported.

Dr. Oz, the world’s most renowned Dr. when it comes to weight loss and health, doesn’t usually recommend health supplements for fast and easy weight loss. He does, however, believe that some superfoods can add a much needed boost to healthy diet and exercise plan, and believes pure green coffee bean extract is the one. This is based on all the scientific evidence supporting the benefits and claims. What Dr. Oz likes the most is the amount of caffeine pure green coffee bean extract contains; it only has a mere 20 mg versus the 400 mg in one cup of coffee.

The Special Ingredient: Chlorogenic Acid

The key to green coffee bean extract is the chlorogenic acid it contains. This slows the release of glucose in the body while increasing your metabolism. The two combined makes it a weight loss powerhouse.

Pure green coffee bean extract offers more than weight loss benefits, making it extremely beneficial for you whether you need to lose weight or not.

The chlorogenic acids pure green coffee bean extract contains helps lower blood pressure in those with mild hypertension, according to Ray Sahelian, M.D. This is just the opposite of those who drink coffee.

Those taking the pure green coffee bean extract may also experience improved circulation through their blood vessels due to the antiinflammatory activity of the chlorogenic acids.

Proper Dosage of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Dr. Oz recommends taking the pure green coffee bean extract in supplement form because they are so bitter. However, he states capsule form is best, but insists you find pure extract without any fillers or binders. He also recommends 400 mg supplements, and says you should take two capsules 30 minutes prior to meals. Do this two or three times per day for a total of at least 800mg a day. You may just shed all the unwanted weight quickly and easily. Combine this with a healthy diet and exercise plan, and watch it fall off even sooner.

For the best results, you must have a 100% PURE green coffee bean extract, which is why the recommended supplement is Green Coffee PURE since it contains no fillers. Give it a try today!


What Can I Expect?

by Pure Green Coffee Extract on May 4, 2012

So, you’re seeing and hearing all about the great benefits about a green coffee bean extract… The news media is talking about it, Doctor Oz featured it, and now you want to know: This is all good, but what side effects can I expect? Let’s dive right in and see what the science shows.

What the Right Supplement Should Do

According to the studies that have shown the benefits of green coffee bean extract, people are reporting a variety of helpful benefits:

  • A faster metabolic rate, which allows people to lose fat faster.
  • Consuming the same number of calories, but still losing weight.
  • Feeling “full” sooner than before.
  • Eating less, but feeling satisfied.
  • Feeling more energetic
  • These are all benefits that people are reporting as a result of taking a green coffee bean supplement, however, you’re probably wondering – “Are there any negative side effects?”

    Are there Negative Side Effects?

    This is what has doctors around the world excited about this supplement… There have been NO reported negative side effects of green coffee bean extract! Now, of course – if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or have allergies and other medical conditions, PLEASE consult with your physician before taking a supplement. The risks are just not worth it. Fortunately, as long as you’re taking a NATURAL and 100% PURE extract, your doctor will be able to give you the best advice possible.

    I Want to Lose Weight. Will this Help?

    Weight loss can be so frustrating, especially when you’ve been trying to lose stubborn pounds. Are you looking in the mirror and seeing fat rolls that you want to say “good bye” to forever? Well, if so – a green coffee bean supplement may be just what you’re looking for, and here’s why:

  • The study conducted at the University of Scranton concluded that green coffee bean extract helped its participants lose an average of 22 pounds over 22 weeks.
  • Chlorogenic acid contained in green coffee bean extract has been shown to help the liver stop processing fat.
  • Chlorogenic acid also has been shown to boost the metabolism.
  • If you boost your metabolism, eat right, burn fat, and exercise – you WILL lose weight!
  • The formula to follow should be: Eating well + Moderate exercise + A PURE Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement = SUCCESS!

    Choose The Right Green Coffee Bean Supplement

    You need to make sure that you are taking a 100% pure green coffee extract supplement. None of what you read in this article will apply if you take a product that contains artificial fillers, and a green coffee extract that has been diluted. There are several “big brand” stores online that have been selling supplements that contain tons of fillers. Avoid these generic brands at all costs. Instead of these artificial brands, we highly recommend Green Coffee PURE since it is 100% pure green coffee bean extract that contains absolutely NO fillers. If you decide to gamble with a cheap supplement, there’s no telling what type of side effects may accompany it, so choose wisely.

    So, what are you waiting for? Quit dealing with the excess weight, fad diets, and end the frustration once and for all by trying Green Coffee Pure right NOW!


    Weight Loss and Health Benefits

    by Pure Green Coffee Extract on May 1, 2012

    There are a variety of health supplements you can buy to improve your health, but none seem to compare to green coffee bean extract. Green coffee beans are simply unroasted coffee beans, which are now being ground up into powders and sold as supplements. So, what is the sudden interest in green coffee bean extract and how can it help?

    The sudden buzz around green coffee beans comes from the release of a clinical study conducted by researchers at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. Researchers supplemented adult participants with green coffee bean extract and monitored their weight loss during the 22-week trial.

    After the 22-week study was completed, researchers found that the participants lost 17 pounds on average. This is a 10.6% decrease in overall body weight and a 16% decrease in body fat percentages.

    What researchers found amazing is that participants were able to lose weight, despite consuming an abnormal amount of calories. Researchers found that participants consumed about 2,400 calories per day and only burned about 400 from exercise. These numbers are astronomically high compared to what is normally expected to cause weight loss.

    Researchers concluded that coffee beans contain a high level of chlorogenic acid, which is known to have metabolism effects on the body.  However, when the coffee beans are roasted, the majority of chlorogenic acid dissipates, which is why you don’t get the same metabolic effects from a cup of coffee.

    Other similar studies have been published that also show evidence that green coffee bean extract also sends messages to the liver which stop the liver from absorbing fat. This is another possible explanation as to why participants did not store more fat, despite the high caloric intake.

    Due to the weight loss properties of green coffee beans, there have been numerous other reported benefits as well. Two in particular, stand out amongst the others. Users of green coffee bean extract often experience a steep decrease in cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Researchers found LDL cholesterol levels dropped, but HDL cholesterol levels stayed the same or increased. Likewise, blood pressure levels in green coffee bean extract users dropped significantly, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

    There have been numerous other reported benefits as well including improved energy, lower blood sugar levels, improved focus and concentration, less fatigue, and better circulation.

    The best part about green coffee bean extract is that it is safe for humans to consume. There have been no reported cases of any health problems from green coffee bean extract use. There are no side effects either.

    With the powerful weight loss effects and numerous other benefits, it is no wonder why green coffee bean extract has grown in popularity so fast. It’s proven weight loss effects are sure to cause green coffee bean extract to become one of the best selling weight loss products in the diet market. Unlike other diet products, green coffee bean extract works, is safe, and is free from side effects – which is why we recommend you try it today!


    As Seen on TV: A Magic Bean?

    by Pure Green Coffee Extract on April 27, 2012

    You saw America’s top television doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz talk about it… Now you want to know, does green coffee bean extract REALLY work?

    If you’re like most people, you’re extremely skeptical – as you should be. Don’t believe everything that you hear on television. Whenever any of us see something with big promises and hype, we tend to ignore it and chalk it up as a passing fad.

    Why Green Coffee Bean Extract is the REAL Deal

    It’s hard to argue with science. At the University of Pennsylvania, Scranton study participants were given a pure green coffee bean extract twice daily with meals, and here’s what they found:

  • Participants were given more calories (2400 daily)
  • Participants only exercised 400 calories away daily
  • Participants were given 1 pill of pure green coffee extract before 2 meals daily
  • Participants lost SIXTEEN PERCENT of their fat!
  • Lose weight without exercise?

    Wow, this is a scary thought… But if there’s a supplement that people believe is the silver bullet against weight loss, this is it! Sound crazy? We thought so too, until we looked at the science.

    How does it really work?

    By adding a green coffee bean extract to your diet, you are helping the body’s absorbing of fat and glucose. Additionally, it sends a signal to the liver to stop absorbing fat! The chlorogenic acid in GREEN coffee beans is the magic compound that goes away after roasting the beans, which is why they need to be green coffee beans in order for them to be effective.

    What are you waiting for? The science is there. The track record of success is there. Isn’t it time YOU reached your weight loss goals?

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