Finally! A Supplement to Naturally Lower Cholesterol

by Pure Green Coffee Extract on June 3, 2012

Can Green Coffee Bean Extract Help to Lower Cholesterol?

Green coffee bean extract is not like the coffee that you drink at home or at your favorite coffee shop. The coffee you drink and home or at your local coffee shop are normally roasted coffee beans. So when you drink a cup of coffee it will not have the same results as taking supplements such as the green coffee bean extract. The extract comes directly from the green coffee bean that is not roasted. The fact that it is not roasted means that it keeps the beneficial chemicals inside.

Two of the main ingredients that are beneficial to your health are chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid. Each one of these acids has their own health benefit. Cholorgenic acid helps in speeding up metabolism. It does this by reducing the rate in which glucose is released in the liver. When the glucose slows down, your body’s fat cells are used for energy instead of for sugar. So in actuality, these fat cells burn up and the result is weight loss.

Why Cholesterol Matters

Green coffee bean extract also assists in reducing your cholesterol. There is a link between high cholesterol and obesity. Not everyone that is obese has high cholesterol and not everyone that has high cholesterol is obese but the majority of people who are obese do tend to deal with high cholesterol. But, by consuming green coffee bean extract, it greatly lowers your levels of LDL cholesterols. At the same time, it maintains the levels of HDL cholesterol in your body. In addition, lower cholesterol can also reduce your risk of experiencing heart disease.

Green Coffee Beans and Blood Pressure

Green coffee extract also significantly lowers high blood pressure. Again there seems to be a link between people that are overweight and high blood pressure. It is true that other factors can contribute to high blood pressure but obesity seems to increase the risk of having high blood pressure. The reason for the link between being overweight and having high blood pressure is poor diet habits. But the extract can assist you in losing those extra pounds which will also reduce your blood pressure. Also, as with high cholesterol, lower your blood pressure can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Your Immune System

This supplement also helps to improve the function of your immune system. Green coffee beans have antioxidants that assist in getting rid of bad toxins from your body. These toxins can be harmful to the cells in your body and that will decrease the function of your circulation, immune system and metabolism.

Boost Your Energy

You may experience an increase in energy when taking these extracts. When you are consuming the extract, you will notice your body is continually burning fat and at the same time, it is giving your cells energy, even when you are resting. So, many people using a pure green coffee bean extract will find a great increase in energy that will last all day. There is no afternoon fatigue or evening tiredness. You will find that other supplements may give you an afternoon crash. With Green Coffee Pure, you’ll experience steady energy with no crash or negative side effects – which is exactly why you should give it a try today!

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